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25-year-old with a ‘green tongue’ arrested for smoking weed

The police attended and an officer asked Bilodeau to show him his tongue, which he apparently did. Seeing a “green tint to the back of his tongue” and telling the accused that the cops already knew he had partaken of pot given the state of his tongue, Bilodeau allegedly admitted to smoking marijuana.

He then gathered a clear plastic baggie of 2.7 grams of weed from his bedroom closet and presented it to police. He was arrested.

“I know from my training and experience as a police officer that smoking marijuana will often leave a green tint to the user’s tongue,” KXXV cites the arresting officer as writing in documents filed with the court.

Bilodeau was reportedly released the next day after posting a surety bond.

Despite having no factual basis, the link between green tongues and cannabis consumption persists, thought to be linked

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