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Amazon Went to Space, Now on to Cannabis

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just went to space. Now his company looks poised to embark on a new frontier—marijuana legalization.

It was just last month that Amazon officially announced that it was doing away with drug screening for pot, while also throwing its support behind proposed legislation that would finally legalize weed on the federal level. And now, there are mounting signs that the world’s largest online retailer is ready to put its ample financial resources behind the effort.

In a story published on Tuesday, Politico reported that legalization lobbyists “are pinning their hopes on Amazon using its experienced lobbying team and deep pockets to support their efforts, believing it could help them launch ad campaigns and persuade lawmakers opposed to legalization—especially those who represent states where cannabis is legal—to change their minds.”

“Cannabis lobbyists and advocates who have spoken with Amazon made it clear that the company is already engaging in cannabis discussions

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