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Fire Season is Coming, Again

Last summer, I wrote a post called “Fire Season is Coming.” Given the massive expected California droughts, it’s pretty safe to assume that fire season is coming, again. Today, I want to recap some of the issues that we’re likely to see in the coming months.

As we learned in prior fire seasons, the cannabis businesses that get hit hardest tend to be rural, outdoor cannabis cultivators in inland or isolated communities. These folks have very limited access to water, firefighting services, and other resources that may prevent fires. They also produce crops that naturally burn or are damaged by smoke or air particulates. Nearby fires – even not-so-close fires- may cause smoke or deteriorate air quality to such an extreme degree that cannabis product becomes unsalable.

Our cannabis attorneys spent a lot of time helping outdoor cultivators mitigate these damages last year. I personally helped a client secure approval to ease regulatory burdens on off-site storage of a large amount of freshly harvested cannabis. To say this was stressful for the cultivators is an understatement. Entire businesses will be on the line this summer.

As alluded to, there are regulatory provisions to help ease burdens during natural disasters. You

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