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Free cannabis joints for Covid-19 jabs in California

Organizations in Long Beach, California launched a free cannabis joint for a Covid-19 vaccine initiative as aure reluctant residents to get the jab. Dubbed Joint for Jabs LBC, this event aims to promote equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and support safe practices for Long Beach residents. 

A pop-up vaccine clinic

The event is a one-day-only pop-up vaccine clinic aimed at giving away a pre-rolled joint to those who took the plunge and get vaccinated. According to a press release, local organizations joined the Healthy Long Beach campaign in collaboration with the Long Beach Collective Association (LBCA) to legally distribute tokens, which residents can redeem for one free pre-rolled joint, valid only for one day. 

Many other “Joints for Jabs” events have taken place previously, including one in Union Square Park in New York City in May. On June 7, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board approved another program that allowed state-licensed cannabis retailers to offer one pre-rolled joint in exchange for a COVID-19 vaccination. A similar initiative happened in Arizona where a dispensary awarded free edibles to customers who received a vaccine. 

In January this year, Long Beach Forward initiated the Healthy Long Beach campaign with door-to-door and direct outreach to spread awareness about COVID-19 resources and support equitable distribution practices. So far, the campaign has reached more than 10,000 homes. 

Children welcome to receive the vaccine – minus the joint

On July 24, the first 150 Long Beach residents aged 21 years and older who receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the one-day pop-up clinic at Houghton Park will receive a free joint, while stocks last. Children are also welcome to receive the joint without the joint.

In a statement about this initiative, Long Beach Forward Executive Director James Suazo said: 

“We all want to have a safe summer and enjoy one another’s company even as the pandemic continues on and recreation opens up. Cannabis is part of our Long Beach culture, and to safely share a joint without contributing to the spread of COVID-19, we must all do our part to get vaccinated. With the delta variant becoming the dominant COVID-19 strain in Los Angeles County, we want our unvaccinated neighbors to catch a free marijuana strain instead so we can protect each other.”

The one-day clinic will take place on Saturday, July 24 from 9 am to 1 pm at Houghton Park, 6301 Myrtle Avenue, Long Beach CA 90805.

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