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FREE Webinar June 14: Protecting, Monetizing and Enforcing Cannabis Intellectual Property

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Protecting and monetizing intellectual property (IP) assets in the cannabis industry is a critical step for many businesses. Enforcement of valuable IP rights against infringers may also be vital to a cannabis business’s success.

The cannabis industry is highly dynamic and competitive. In addition to state and local rules, the Schedule I status of “marihuana” under federal law creates an unusual environment for all things cannabis and IP.

Several cannabis businesses have established significant market share through the creation and leveraging of IP. Others have been served demand letters or lawsuits because their branding or products allegedly infringe upon existing protected IP– whether owned by cannabis businesses or otherwise. As a corporate cannabis law firm serving the cannabis industry since 2010, we have seen just about every possible scenario.

This webinar is designed to help you gain a high-level understanding of cannabis IP in both the hemp and marijuana context, including how to protect, monetize and enforce it.

Vince Sliwoski (Oregon) will moderate a discussion by cannabis intellectual property attorneys Fred Rocafort (Washington/Florida), Jihee Ahn (California/Oregon) and Paul Coble (Arizona/Illinois). These attorneys have a broad mix of transactional and litigation experience in the cannabis IP space, and will

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