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High Times Greats: Q&A With Steve DeAngelo

From the December, 2012 issue of High Times comes David Bienenstock’s interview with “father of the legal cannabis industry” Steve DeAngelo, who celebrates his 63rd birthday June 12.

On July 9, 2012, employees at Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California, America’s largest medical cannabis dispensary, showed up for work only to find a letter taped to the door from Melinda Haag, US attorney for the northern district of California, informing them that the federal government had initiated civil asset-forfeiture proceedings against that property and Harborside’s second location in San Jose.

The subject of the Discovery Channel’s documentary series Weed Wars, Harborside has long held up as a model of regulated medical cannabis distribution, and enjoys wide and enthusiastic support in the local community, including among members of Oakland’s city council, which issues its license to operate. Last year, Harborside paid more than $1 million in taxes, while employing more than 100 people.

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