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Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 12th Edition

Forgive my tardiness, but these recent drops have had me moving in slow motion lately! While there was a moment there where it looked like things may get back to normal, we haven’t gotten that lucky yet, so here we are again with another Cop List to keep your spirits up. 

We’ve been at this for over a year now y’all—wild! Seems like just yesterday I was wondering if anyone would be into something like this, and the amount of you who have reached out to show your support in the time since has been insane—thank you for rocking with me, and for all the recommendations on cool shit to cop. It’s true what they say, it takes a village to get through a global pandemic of unending magnitude, but there’s no village I’d rather ride out the apocalypse with!

Without further adieu, here’s #12. Complete with some of the best the

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