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Lack of attention to nanoemulsion standards could hurt cannabis manufacturers

Susan Audino

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Cannabinoid nanoemulsions have gained in popularity.

But are they safe, and have they slipped through the regulatory cracks? Is this another example of a lesson (not) learned?

Nanoemulsions are delivery mechanisms for compounds such as CBD, designed to enhance their bioavailability.

Bioavailability means “the extent a substance or drug becomes completely available to its intended biological destination(s),” according to Gary Price and Deven Patel, two researchers who published a paper on drug bioavailability last fall.


Price and Patel point out that “the dose of a drug is indirectly proportional to its bioavailability” and that, “for a drug with relatively low bioavailability, a larger dose is required to reach the minimum effective concentration threshold.”

Cannabinoids such as CBD are lipophilic, which means they do not mix

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