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Moby Overshares, Talks About New Album and Enjoys the Little Things

Moby has stories to tell. The artist has never been shy in telling them. As he puts it, “I have always been an oversharer.” Now, he’s not oversharing, he’s simply sharing. In the aptly titled Moby Doc, the artist leaves few stones unturned in a documentary exploring the highs and lows and everything in between and beyond about his life.

Based on the documentary and his new album, Reprise, in which Moby and an array of artists cover his past work, the

is looking backwards and forwards. As for the present, with 12 years of sobriety and more time spent in a studio than on the road, Moby is no longer obsessed with control. Now, he’s busy enjoying the little things.

How’s your day? Productive?

Moby: Yeah, because the record and the movie are coming out soon a lot of my day is spent talking to strangers. Luckily, generally speaking, I like talking

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