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Now is the time to crack down on non-compliant cannabis retailers: Saskatchewan auditor

“To effectively regulate the distribution and sale of recreational cannabis past the initial start-up phase, the authority must decide when to shift its focus from creating a culture of compliance to taking enforcement actions on non-compliance,” Ferguson writes.

Her report notes that although investigators have identified and flagged retail store infractions, including marketing violations and failing to ask for identification, there has been a lack of follow-through related to imposing sanctions on non-compliant actors. As of the time the report was completed, no fines had been issued to any retailer for regulatory infractions.

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix reports that, in a written response following the release of the report, the SLGA confirmed it has now notified retailers it will “begin assessing financial sanctions immediately as appropriate.” The agency cited the sale of cannabis to minors as a serious matter and “continues to conduct regular inspections

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