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Want to get caught with weed? Leave car idling, with music blaring and bud visible, while maybe stopping for munchies

But the gun and cannabis were just a start. Police also recovered Xanax pills and other drug-packing paraphernalia from inside the vehicle, BCSO reports.

It is not clear from the police statement if the suspect entered the store as a customer or for some other reason.

Following the incident, Byrd was taken to BCSO’s Law Enforcement Center and is being held without bond.

He is being held on charges of purchasing, possessing or having control of a controlled substance or narcotic; manufacture or possession of a controlled or counterfeit substance or marijuana near a park or housing project; possession of substances with the intent to use or manufacture controlled substances; possession of a firearm during the commission of, or attempt to, commit certain felonies; theft by receiving stolen property; and a bench warrant for state court.

The investigation is continuing.


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