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We’ll Drink to That: Famed Colorado Brewmaster Creates Healthier Way to Consume Cannabis

Denver native Keith Villa’s first experience with cannabis was not particularly enjoyable. It was in a dorm room at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1983, and he remembers the harsh smoke causing a nonstop coughing fit.

After graduation, he thought he would become a pediatrician, but life took a different turn for the now-58-year-old family man. He became a doctor all right, a beer doctor. Dr. Villa earned a doctorate in brewing science and fermentation biochemistry from the University of Brussels in Belgium, one of the few such degrees bestowed in the world. His education served him well over a 32-year career at MillerCoors, where he created the wildly popular Blue Moon Belgian-style beer, first brewed at the 10-barrel Sandlot Brewery inside Denver’s Coors Field, and often served adorned with an orange wheel garnish.

Dr. Villa’s first uncomfortable experience with cannabis stayed with him over the years. After retiring from MillerCoors

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