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17 kilograms of weed and 170 cartons of unstamped tobacco seized from Alberta home

The RCMP has announced the seizure of more than 17 kilograms of cannabis and 170 cartons of unstamped tobacco from a home in Athabasca, Alta.

The town of Athabasca, home to around 3,000 people, is about 150 kilometres north of Edmonton.

Last June, Alberta RCMP’s Roving Traffic Unit announced it had issued 177 fines and seized more than $498,000 in contraband, including cannabis, unstamped cigarettes and cash, over a six-month period.

In one incident, after illegal tobacco was seized from a vehicle in Lake Louise, a further search of the vehicle led to the seizure of two kilograms of suspected crystal methamphetamine and a kilogram of cocaine.

Two months later, police in Edmonton busted an Alberta-based online cannabis retail operation and seized $3.3 million worth of cannabis products.

The five-month-long investigation found the unlicensed retailer was growing cannabis in multiple locations in the Edmonton area.

Police recovered

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