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A Peek at German Marijuana Legalization

Some of the details of German marijuana legalization were given over to the German press last week. Yesterday though, the government’s plan for German marijuana legalization was approved by the Federal Cabinet.

We’ve blogged about Germany’s steady progress to legalization a few times now (see here and here), and it appears that the Germans are staying true to their promise of implementing legalization in the near future. Our overall prediction is that a legalization wave is coming to Europe, and Germany will be a key player.

In any event, we now have some of the high level details of the German legalization plan. This plan will next be sent to the European Commission for a review before it goes to German lawmakers to actually put together the operative legislation.

The road to German marijuana legalization

Back in July, Germany concluded a series of public hearings around legalization with stakeholders, countries that already have legalization, industry experts, and those groups opposed to legalization. In the hearings, it sounded like the German government was hugely concerned with eliminating its illegal market. Also during the hearings, other nations attested to how their legalization experiments suffered under illegal markets.

The hearings also focused on

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