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Aeroponic cannabis cultivation offers benefits, but high-tech method is rare

Cannabis is typically grown in a medium, often a soilless medium such as rockwool or coco coir, or in living soil.

Aeroponic cultivation eliminates that growing medium entirely: Exposed, hanging plant roots are misted directly with a solution of water and nutrients.

Combined with careful environmental controls, the method can accelerate crop growth.


“The speed is basically unbeatable,” said Jim Strain, director of cultivation for Cranbrook, British Columbia-based cannabis producer Dycar Pharmaceuticals.

“I’ve done them all side by side, I’ve tried every system, and aeroponics is incredibly vigorous when done right and when the system is healthy.”

Aside from faster growth and increased output, aeroponic marijuana producers cite several other points in the growing method’s favor, particularly:

Potentially lower labor costs. Lower material costs. High-quality cannabis bud.

On the other hand, aeroponic growers must overcome several challenges, including:

Affording steeper upfront equipment costs.

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