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Arkansas Marijuana Legalization Campaign Releases New Ads Showing Support From Mom And Police As Election Nears

With just over one week until Election Day, Arkansas activists have released a new set of ads promoting a marijuana legalization initiative that will appear on the ballot.

Responsible Growth Arkansas posted several ads to drum up support as the campaign enters the last stretch, with spots focusing on the tax revenue from cannabis sales, support for law enforcement and debunking narratives from legalization opponents.

One ad features an Arkansas mother with her child, explaining why she supports having a regulated adult-use market for cannabis that includes public safety and youth prevention protections.

“Issue 4 will safely legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older, with protections for kids and teens. And Issue 4 will free up the police to focus on serious crime,” she says. “Take it from a mom. Issue 4 is going to be good for Arkansas.”

Eddie Armstrong, chairman of Responsible Growth Arkansas, said in a press release that the ad “is focused on pushing back on the lies and fear-mongering the out-of-state interests and opponents of Issue 4 are peddling to Arkansans.”

“The message is parents who vote for issue 4 also care about their children’s safety,” Armstrong, a former state House minority

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