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Average THC potency of illicit marijuana flower is 16%, DEA says

The average THC potency of illicit marijuana flower in the United States is 16%, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

That’s well below the THC levels seen in commercial marijuana stores, where accusations of THC potency inflation have been circulating for years.


The revelation came from the DEA’s National Drug Threat Assessment report released this week.

Steady potency increase

Citing data from the University of Mississippi’s Marijuana Monitoring Program, which tests seized illicit cannabis submitted for analysis by the DEA as well as state and local law enforcement, the DEA noted a decadeslong sharp and steady increase in cannabis potency that’s accelerated in recent years.

The 16% potency is an increase of 29% from 2021, according to the DEA.

“The potency of

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