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Biden Daughter-In-Law Reportedly Shopped At Marijuana Dispensary With Secret Service Protection As President Leaves Cannabis Prisoners Behind Bars

As frustration mounts over unfulfilled promises to reform federal marijuana laws, a recent, controversial report has emerged about President Joe Biden’s daughter-in-law allegedly receiving U.S. Secret Service protection as she shopped at a cannabis dispensary in California.

The Daily Mail reported late last month that Melissa Cohen, who is married to Biden’s son Hunter, was spotted leaving a Malibu dispensary called 99 High Tide, with a “small unidentified purchase.”

While marijuana is legal for adult use in California, it remains federally illegal. The controversy isn’t so much not about Cohen reportedly patronizing the shop; rather, it’s about the apparent use of a federally funded Secret Service detail to protect the transaction at a time when Biden has failed to fulfill his campaign pledges to decriminalize cannabis and free people who are serving time behind bars for past convictions.

Biden has said that he doesn’t believe people should be incarcerated over cannabis, and he’s expressed support for letting states set their own policies without federal intervention, but he hasn’t taken meaningful steps to end federal criminalization as he promised on the campaign trail.

The president did grant clemency to 78 people, including those with non-violent federal drug convictions on their records,

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