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Cannabis company implements business model based on boutique wineries

(This story originally appeared in “Reimagining Retail,” the cover package for the May-June issue of  MJBizMagazine.)

Post-Prohibition, the alcoholic beverage industry had a head start of nearly 80 years before voters legalized the United States’ first regulated, adult-use marijuana markets in 2012.

In the years since, cannabis companies have leaned into the similarities between alcohol and marijuana, with some manufacturers creating THC-infused beers, seltzers and wines.


Jim Roberts, owner of The Bohemian Chemist in Philo, California, adopted a different angle when applying lessons from the alcohol industry to his small, vertically integrated cannabis business, which sits in Mendocino County at the junction of wine country and the Emerald Triangle.

“When I talked to small wineries, there were always different silos that would make their businesses work,” he said. “One would be direct sales to consumers in a location like a tasting room. The second would

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