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Cannabis edibles: use these tips to make your favorite strain at home

Cannabis edibles

Cannabis contains many strains and only some of these options can give you the effect you’re looking for. This can present a challenge especially if you’re a strain-sensitive patient who prefers cannabis edibles. 

It’s not always easy to find your favourite strain locally and nearly impossible to find them in edibles. Many edible companies don’t use a specific strain and, in most cases, lump up several strains in their products. This makes it hard to find a specific strain when you need them. 

If you love strain-specific edibles but cannot find your favourite, you can use these tips to make yours at home. 

Invest in a magical butter machine

Making edible bases is tricky and involves an infusion process that requires the right temperature. This process could be simplified if you have the magical butter machine. 

You simply need to put butter and decarboxylated marijuana into the machine and switch it on. Within two hours, your infused butter would be ready. This machine can help you make several common bases like glycerin, butter, oil, honey, or alcohol.

Just cook the weed

Instead of using infused oils to get your favorite strain, you can simply use the recipes that use the weed itself. For example, you can use the leftover flower from vaping in a culinary experience. 

A good example is the pesto recipe. Similarly, you can turn your cannabis into canna-flour, using zucchini bread recipe. This recipe shows you how to grind up your favorite pot into a powdered form, which you can bake into your favorite treats.

Eat it fresh

If you don’t want to get involved in cooking, you can simply eat raw cannabis leaves. The process comes with additional benefits like getting unaltered natural compounds of the substance like THCA. The best way to do this is through juicing. For added flavor, you can mix the raw canna-juice with other fruit or veggie juices.

Additionally, you can freeze the juice in ice trays and preserve it for future use. Alternatively, you can skip the juicing process and put the leaf straight into your salad. Eating it fresh delivers a fairly different high compared to infused or decarboxylated edibles. 

You might also realize that different strains work well for you while fresh compared to other ways of consuming them. 

Using concentrates

You can make quick cannabis edibles by using cannabis concentrates. In this process, you skip the flower or trim and use any decarboxylated full-melt concentrate. Mix it into oil, butter, honey, or any other infusible base. This take less time and heat compared to when you infuse trim or flower.

A good example is the BHO-infused pumpkin seeds, which explains how you can decarboxylate a full-melt, concentrate into oil. Once you grasp how to do this, you can easily mix them with any other infusible base. 

Ensure flavours match

In making cannabis edibles, you should ensure that flavors blend well with the taste of the recipe. It’s important to find the right recipe for your favorite strains. You might need to read more about strain-specific edibles delivered by expert chefs. 

Making cannabis edibles can be a complex process, but with tips and recipes, you can make it. To get started, you only need to stock up on your favorite strains and try it out. You might be surprised how easy, simple, and fun it is to make your home-based delicious and medicinal snacks.

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Charles Green

Charles is a long-time cannabis connoisseur and cultivator from California. As more and more states legalize cannabis, Charles writes guides, reviews and tips for cannabis home-growers using his priceless experience.

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