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Cannabis product sampling is taking off, despite legal and pandemic challenges

Want to get shoppers to try a new product? Start by giving them a free taste.

Product sampling is the gold standard of consumer packaged goods marketing.


From plastic cups in a grocery store holding free nibbles to elaborate folders holding vials filled with perfume, product samples hook consumers by giving them risk-free ways to try new items.

Samples hook retailers, too, because brands that commit to sampling their products show they’re hustling to move them, prompting retailers to give those products premium shelf space.

There’s a reason product sampling is so popular. Consider:

Free samples can boost product sales an astounding 2,000%. More than a third of customers who sample a product buy a full size of the product on the same shopping trip. In-store sampling increases sales even after the sampling events end, with a sales boost of more than 100% even 20 weeks after

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