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Cannabis Research Index

Countries And States Ranked By The Number Of Clinical Studies

We have found and analyzed a total of 508 clinical studies, reported to, that research cannabis and cannabis-derived medications. That allowed us to build first of its kind Cannabis Research Index that ranks countries and states by the number of clinical cannabis research studies.

This index does not account whether research is funded at the government level or by private enterprise; it also does not consider the amount of funding received. With this being said, the index explores a single aspect of overall cannabis research, so treat it as such.

Cannabis Research By State

40-50 studies
30-39 studies
20-29 studies
2-19 studies
1 study
0 studies

States that are behind with cannabis research

The following states have submitted zero clinical cannabis studies to the website.

  • Alaska Arkansas Hawaii Florida Nevada Utah Idaho Montana Wyoming North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Oklahoma Indiana West Virginia D.C. Delaware New Jersey Georgia Alabama

States that research cannabis


States that do not research cannabis

Cannabis Research By State - Ranked

No. of studies
Is legal?

Cannabis Research By Country

The U.S has the world’s highest number of registered cannabis clinical studies, 309 out of 508. Canada comes in second, with 46 active cannabis clinical studies. Next, is the UK with 29 studies, Israel with 21 studies, and France with 14 studies. The rest of the countries have 10 studies or less.

Cannabis Research By Country - Ranked

No. of studies
Is legal?


Data accurate as of April 21, 2020

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