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Cannabis Wine Is A Small But Growing Market

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Many millennials nowadays prefer cannabis over booze. Thus, it only makes sense that winemakers are now moving over to a product that will fit their desired bill. Therefore, it was just a matter of some time before there was the manufacture of cannabis-infused wine.

Despite the high popularity of both cannabis and wine, there is not a whole lot going on about cannabis wine in general. With many changes coming up in the industry, it can be quite challenging to keep up even whenever there are new products introduced in the market.

For now, anyone who is not in California might not get cannabis-infused wine anytime soon. But that case might change quickly.

Interest in cannabis wine

Many years back, Melissa Etheridge, an American musician, started her cannabis wine brand known as “No Label Private Reserve.” She described this product as:

“Infusing wine with cannabis in a cold process that doesn’t activate THC and causes a warm body high.”

The product brought some attention to the many possibilities of cannabis and wine-infused together. A California dispensary owner, Lisa Molyneux, came up with the way for cannabis-infused wine at almost the same time as well. She partnered with Etheridge for her cannabis-infused wine and went ahead to start another brand known as Canna Vine.

Etheridge’s wine cost almost $420 per bottle, which put it on the higher side of the cannabis product pricing. CannaVine could just be sold to users that have a medical license in California. The prices range from $120-$400 for half a bottle. 

Many now wonder: how has the marijuana wine industry changed over time, and what is happening now?

How does cannabis wine work?

Although there is no reliable news about home-infusions and experiments, it is almost sure that the cannabis wines sent to dispensaries are alcohol-free. It is illegal for anyone to sell wine that has THC through the regular channels, but by eliminating the alcohol, the cannabis-infused wines can be sold in some dispensaries.  

In 2018, one company known as House of Saka launched. It uses nanoemulsion technology to infuse cannabis with wine. Cannabis oil gets broken into tiny, microscopic particles that are water-soluble and self-homogenizing.

Thus, they can be absorbed rapidly through the mouth and stomach lining, and they take effect shortly after they are consumed. Some other weed winemakers in the industry use various methods but do not divulge too much since more information is on the process.

Cannabis wine does not have alcohol. However, another benefit to note about weed wine is the low-calorie count. The wines with the alcohol removed are quite lowering calories than the regular ones. The numbers typically come in between 20 and 40 calories for every glass compared to more than a hundred per glass.

House of Saka

This brand of cannabis-infused wine is available in California. They serve white, pink, and sparkling pink wine with about 5 mg of THC per glass. All their grapes are acquired from California’s Napa Valley and blended with craft cannabis. All of their beverages are alcohol-free, with a balanced ratio of CBD and THC designed to relax and invigorate consumers.

They say on their website that the drinks are ‘luxury infused beverages’ and not ‘wine’. They refer to their drinks that way since there are strict packaging and branding guidelines for wine in California. 

Rebel Coast

The wine is available only in California in various stores. Their alcohol-free cannabis-infused wine has just 35 calories and almost 10 mg of THC per glass. According to Rebel Coast, wine has every character of actual wine. 

This product has high acid featuring bright citrus and a crisp, clean finish. The company explained:

“Our blend does not taste strongly of marijuana; instead, it powers the mouthfeel. It’s crisp, refreshing and best served naked.”

The prices for Rebel Coast were almost $40 to $65 per bottle, which is a less painful tag compared to the first cannabis wines that exist in the current market.

Viv & Oak

It comprises of 4 grams of sugar and 24 calories in a glass. The product can be the kind of wine you reach for whenever you want to avoid waking up with a headache or a massive hangover.

The product is expected to hit the market later this year. When it becomes available, users can get a bottle with 25 mg of THC and CBD per bottle or take the bottles with a high dose of 50 mg THC. These bottles might go for a cost of $38.

Why is cannabis wine not yet popular?

Wine and cannabis seem like a perfect match, but there are not many options for consuming them together. It is almost impossible for anyone outside California to get a bottle of cannabis wine.

Although combining alcohol and THC can make businesses’ licenses revoked by the authorities, combining THC with alcohol-free beverages offer many new business opportunities. Many companies in California are taking advantage of the new possibilities provided by Napa Valley.

Regulations and many fears of breaking the set rules and laws are keeping many prospect enthusiasts from venturing into the wine side of the marijuana sector. Many think that the lack of growth in this sector of the industry might have come from the lack of high profile brands on the shelves in the market. 

Others believe that the evident lack of growth may have come from the fact that the industry, in general, is still not yet deemed as ‘legitimate enough.’ Since many millennials prefer cannabis over alcohol, it makes perfect sense for the winemakers to move over to a product that will fit the desired bill.

For now, everyone is in a wait-and-see mode observing the nascent cannabis wine industry to determine where it goes in the future. But, it seems like California will continue to lead the way.

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