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CBD is not a cure-all. Here’s what science says about its real health benefits

While prescription CBD is safe when used as directed, other forms of the molecule come with risks. This is especially true for CBD oils. The over-the-counter CBD oil industry is unregulated and not necessarily safe, in that there are no regulatory requirements for monitoring what is in a product.

What’s more, rigorous science does not support the unsubstantiated marketing claims made by many CBD products.

In a 2018 commentary, the author describes the results of his own study, which was published in Dutch (in 2017). His team obtained samples of CBD products from patients and analyzed their content. Virtually none of the 21 samples contained the advertised quantity of CBD; indeed, 13 had little to no CBD at all and many contained significant levels of THC, the compound in marijuana that leads to a high – and that was not supposed to have been present.

In fact, studies have shown that there is little

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