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Colombian president discusses releasing cannabis prisoners and legally exporting the drug

Gustavo Petro, the newly elected president of Colombia, is talking about potentially legalizing cannabis during his first weeks in office.

Regarding those who’ve been incarcerated due to cannabis-related offences, Petro said: “If we’re going to legalize cannabis, are we going to allow all of those people who’ve been imprisoned to remain in jail? Or is it time to release those people?”

This marks one of the first instances where Petro refers to cannabis by its name, and shares some of the benefits and consequences of legalizing the drug.

In July, the Colombian senate introduced a legalization bill that provided a plan for legalizing the plant’s adult use and that could also provide some income for the country.

In Petro’s inaugural speech, he called for taking back drug policies that have long harmed the country and have caused deaths, as well as increased the

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