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Colombia’s president pushes United Nations to end the War on Drugs

Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s newly elected President, attended the United Nations meeting this week and made his stance on cannabis and drugs crystal clear.

Petro urged responsible parties to take a position against the War on Drugs, arguing that democracy in the American continent would die if the issue isn’t addressed.

When speaking about Colombia and its history with the War on Drugs, Petro offered, “I propose to you, as president of one of the most beautiful and bloodied countries on Earth, to end the War on Drugs and, thus, allow our people to live in peace.”

In an interview with GZERO, Petro talked about U.S.-Colombia relationship, one that has lasted decades and that will be undergoing some changes now that Colombia has a leftist president. He equated the U.S. government’s attitude towards drugs to “a slow animal.”

“Great transformations don’t happen overnight,” Petro said, implying

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