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Colorado Psychedelics Legalization Ballot Initiative Still Trails But Picks Up Support From Previously Undecided Voters, New Poll Finds

A Colorado campaign backing a first-of-its-kind ballot initiative to legalize psychedelics possession and create licensed “healing centers” where people can use engage in supervised psilocybin sessions received some welcome news on Tuesday, with a new poll showing a significant uptick in support since September.

The measure is still slightly trailing, however, with a small plurality of very likely voters (44 percent) against the proposal. But the survey shows that undecided voters are coming around to the initiative, with 43 percent of Coloradans now saying that they’ll back the reform at the ballot.

That’s a seven percentage point spike since the last FOX31/Channel 2/Emerson College/The Hill poll. Opposition picked up slightly over the past month, but most of the shift is a reflection of undecided voters getting on board with Proposition 122.

There’s still a deep partisan divide over the measure, with 62 percent of Democrats saying that they support the reform, compared to just 21 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of independents.

Younger people 18-34 were the most likely to say that they will vote in favor of the initiative,

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