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Don’t be like Conor: UFC star shares smoking photos while behind the wheel

It’s not entirely clear what Conor McGregor was smoking, but the mixed martial arts star has drawn criticism after posing for photos with what appears to be a blunt while operating a vehicle.

In August, McGregor posted stories of himself smoking a “big blunt” and claiming that his Oregon-based hemp farm is “the best in the USA.”

“A few hits of this one to unwind and enjoy the sounds and the surrounds. Works a real treat with my recovery, too. Everything in moderation though,” McGregor said in one post, blunt in hand .

Earlier this year, McGregor launched a CBD-infused sports recovery line called TIDL Sport in partnership with The Anthos Group. The flagship product from TIDL is a “plant-powered cryotherapy topical spray” that includes hemp-derived extracts.

While McGregor has yet to respond to queries about just what he was smoking in his

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