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Florida Lawmakers Approve Hemp Regulation Bill After Removing THC Cap That Stakeholders Opposed

“All caps are O.U.T., Out.”

By Mitch Perry, Florida Phoenix

Over the past month, hemp entrepreneurs have traveled to the state Capitol to advocate against a proposal to regulate hemp-derived products that could potentially hurt the hemp industry.

But Monday, many of those same professionals were cheering after the sponsor of the latest version of the bill removed any reference to limiting the THC dosage of those hemp-derived products. THC is the compound in the cannabis plant that can get you high.

In a committee meeting Monday, Manatee County House Republican Will Robinson Jr. said: “All caps are O.U.T., Out.”

Robinson was responding to a colleague, Democrat Anna Eskamani, of Orlando, on the committee. Robinson confirmed to her that his new amendment to the legislation would remove any references to capping the amount of THC in hemp products.

That means that products in hemp stores are not going to be affected in terms of their potency to consumers.

At the same time, the bill is still moving on issues regarding safety. The measure still maintains the safety requirements to keep products like Delta-8 THC out of the hands of those under age 21, provisions that aren’t remotely controversial and have

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