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For better or worse, tourists now have to deal with weed

2020 was an atypical year.

This is great news for some travelers, and not so great for others.

“I didn’t expect to be in a family-friendly hotel in Chandler, Ariz., and get a vague waft of marijuana in the room,” traveller Judi Durand told the New York Times. “People are getting bolder with it. “It’s not very fair.”

In 2021, lawmakers filed forms to legalize cannabis in 31 states, including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Virginia, all of which have passed bills and are expected to get things up and running soon.

U.S. states like Louisiana have decriminalized the drug, abruptly challenging many people’s perceptions. While some cannabis advocates have known about and expected these changes for a long time, the opposition and those who remained isolated from legal cannabis conversations did not.

Cannabis attractions are still in the works, but compared

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