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German Officials Approve Country’s First Marijuana Social Club Since Legalization Took Effect

Germany’s first marijuana social club has officially been approved, just one week after the law allowing such permitting took effect.

Lower Saxony Minister of Agriculture Miriam Staudte announced that her office awarded the permit to Social Club Ganderkesee on Monday. It will allow the cooperative to begin cultivating marijuana for members—the latest development in the implementation of Germany’s legalization law.

Other permits across are expected to follow across the country in the coming weeks, while certain states such as Bavaria have signaled that they will exercise their authority to impose restrictions and make it so permits will not be awarded until fall at earliest.

Staudte, for her part, said this first permit issuance represents a “historic step for consumer protection and controlled cannabis cultivation in Germany,” according to a translation.

It became legal in Germany for adults to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use in April, but there’s so far been no means of legally obtaining cannabis otherwise.

The social clubs will each be limited to having 500 members and selling up to 50 grams of marijuana per person each month.

Ich freue mich auch, dass der stellvertretende Bürgermeister Cord Schütte dabei war, ebenso wie Kammerpräsident von Garmissen.

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