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20 Totally Awesome Gifts For Weed Smokers

Here’re 20 totally awesome gifts for weed smokers. From the GanjaLand Board Game to new gear and accessories. Keep rolling, puffing, and enjoying pot in style.

1. For the Weed Culinary Mastermind

A copy of Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed [A Cookbook], a book that’ll help you make serious and sophisticated food — with weed. From weed butter-basted chicken to weed brownie sundaes, this book covers it all. 

Gifts for weed smokers - a cooking book.

2. For the Board Game Geek

GanjaLand Board Game. A new activity for after puff — instead of binging on Netflix for the 900th time. 

Gifts for weed smokers - a GanjaLand Board Game.
Gifts for weed smokers - a GanjaLand Board Game.

3. For the Ganja King

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2 Sheet Pack – a gift for a ganja royalty.

Gifts for weed smokers - gold rolling paper.
Gifts for weed smokers - gold rolling paper.

4. For the Stoner Chick Who Likes to Show It Off

A set of silver studs that’ll show your favourite plant some appreciation in a low-key way. 

A set of silver studs.

5. For the Newbies. Who NEVER Learn

Flying Metal Large Metal Rolling Tray

One of the best gifts for weed smokers. A rolling tray prevents runaway buds from scattering across the room. Clean, smooth, and crip. Looks cool, too.

Flying metal large rolling tray.

6. For The Wiz

Grow Tent for Indoor Space

Grow your favourite plants all year round. Compact size and shape ideal for any room. Also, feel free to take a look at our Cannabis Growing Supplies | Marijuana Grow Guide – Part 1 and Cannabis Germination And Seedling | Marijuana Grow Guide – Part 2 guides.

Grow tent for indoor space.

7. For the Poser

An unbreakable aluminum grinder that’ll make crushing your “herbs” a smooth experience. It’s made of durable and high-grade materials that guarantee optimal performance (no massive chunks) and durability. The special design of the grinder also prevents any scent of weed or anything you grind linger around.

An unbreakable aluminum grinder.

8. For the Closet Smoker. The one you never expect it out of, and then one day you’ll catch them smoking

Pre-roll tube container that’ll keep your pre-rolls from getting wet, crushed, and smell- proof in your bag. Each tube is portable and convenient to carry around.

Pre-roll tube container.

9. For the Weegans

An illustrated Vegan Stoner Cookbook that is packed with fresh recipes that won’t take forever to make. Easy to follow, even when totally stoned.

The vegan stoner cookbook.

10. For the Wanna-Be Stoner

This 3D night light that will add a relaxing glow to the bedroom. Comes in seven different colours.

Gifts for weed smokers - a 3D light.

11. For the Discrete Weed Smokers

Cannabolish Cannabis Weed Smoke Odor Removing Candle

This candle will remove any unwanted smoke odors from weed and tobacco. Made from natural ingredients like beeswax. Safe for pets and the environment.

Gifts for weed smokers - weed smoke odor removing candle.

12. For the Couch Ninja

This mini digital scale that might come in handy. It has a high precision sensor to ensure accurate readings, weighs up to 300 grams in 0.01g resolution.

Gifts for weed smokers - a mini digital scale for weed smokers.

13. For the Weed Smokers Who Never Wanna Grow Up

This Stoner Coloring Book for Adults. Roll a joint & chillax for the evening. The book features 25 hand-drawn designs.

Gifts for weed smokers - stoner coloring book for adults.

14. For the Coffee-fuelled Weed Smoker

This funny ceramic coffee mug that will totally transform the wake-and-bake sessions. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Gifts for weed smokers - a ceramic weed coffee mug.

15. For the at-home Chef

Herbal Chef Butter Maker

Become a real cannabis chef with this super cool set. Make your own butter, weed cupcakes, or anything else.

Gifts for weed smokers - herbal chef butter maker.

16. For those who don’t like making an ashy mess

This RAW Catcher is the next level in ashtrays. It collects any ash from your favourite plant and keeps it from burning you and making a mess. Perfect for smoking inside the house or in the car!

Gifts for weed smokers - ash catcher.

17. For the Fashionista

These unisex weed leaf cotton socks will jazz up any outfit.

Gifts for weed smokers - unisex weed leaf cotton socks.

18. For those who like to jazz up a house party.

Get this BONG PONG GAME that will have you and your mates laughing all night long. Just fire the ping pong balls out of the bong, and whoever lands in the cup first has to drink. So easy to play a stoner could do it.

19. For the Cannabis Connoisseur

An electric smart herb and spice grinder to crush that bud easy-peasy.

Gifts for weed smokers - an electric smart herb and spice grinder.

20. For the Rastafarian

A Volcano Hybrid with CloudTen Carry Case Designed for Hybrid, Digital or Classic Bundle. The most iconic and world-renowned vaporizer ever made.

Gifts for weed smokers - the most iconic and world-renowned vaporizer ever made.

Picking the right gifts for weed smokers can be tricky. We are sure this article has helped you regardless of the occasion – Christmas, a birthday or even 4/20. No two weed smokers are alike, but these presents are sure to please anyone. All of them are available on Amazon.

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