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Here’s what can be done with extra weed

While most cannabis consumers likely don’t have weed lying around the house that they don’t want to smoke, it can happen, especially if a person harvests their own marijuana or suddenly finds they have a whole lot of weed on hand.

Leftover cannabis can always be stored in glass jars and dark places for later use, but, if feeling a bit more creative, there are plenty of fun things that can be done with these leftovers, remnants that could offer different experiences to compliment that cannabis high.


Whenever there’s too much weed, cannabutter is a great place to turn. For starters, it’s very easy to make; it’s also super malleable, able to be be added to coffees, teas, drinks and just about any edible treat. Making cannabutter is also simple. Just remember to decarb the weed in the oven beforehand.

Some type

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