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Jim Belushi tries to get viewership up by getting down with shirtless reveal

It was no bikini, as in Chelsea Handler’s recent reveal celebrating booze and bud, but actor-turned-cannabis farmer Jim Belushi opted for his own showy bid to bolster viewership on Growing Belushi.

“Jim, didn’t know that one of the effects of the Cannabis is giving the best shape of your life. Top shape my friend,” noted one poster from Uruguay.

“yooo, Jim… thats right ! More nippels, more fun! Let us shout’ it out, loud,” added another weirdly aroused commenter from Gemany.

Of course, it’s not the first time the actor/singer/comedian/farmer felt the need to let it all (well, some) hang out.

According to the Daily Mail, Belushi was snapped following a particularly gruelling spin class in Santa Monica, Calif. six years ago. The then 60-year-old, known for his active lifestyle, opted to go sans shirt.

Belushi looked totally wiped out while

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