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Kansas GOP Senator Forces Vote On Reviving Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill

After a Kansas legislative committee effectively killed a medical marijuana pilot program proposal last month, lawmakers are slated to take up the issue once again when they return from break later this month under a GOP senator’s new motion to force a vote on a different legalization bill.

Last week on the Senate floor, Sen. Robert Olson (R) made a motion that would revive a broader medical marijuana measure and have senators debate and vote on it. That bill, SB 135, was shelved by a legislative panel a year ago after pushback from law enforcement.

“We’ve debated this issue in committee,” Olsen told Senate colleagues. “It’s time that we have an opportunity to vote on the floor to try to bring this bill out.”

“There’s a lot of money that states around us are making from this,” he added. “Someday this is going to be law in this state. I would like to put it into law with good boundaries, and this bill does that.”

The Senate will vote on Olson’s motion to hear SB 135 once the body reconvenes on April 26.

Olsen previously backed medical marijuana legalization and said last October that Senate President Ty Masterson (R) removed

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