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Kingston, Ont., cannabis store operators reflect on five years post-legalization

Kingston cannabis store Calyx and Trichomes, which operates two locations in the city, has been open for business since getting its license in 2020.

This week marks five years since cannabis was legalized in Canada, and Jennawae Cavion, Co-Owner at Calyx and Trichomes, said it’s been quite an experience.

One topic that sticks out when it comes to the sale of legalized cannabis is the over-saturation of the market.

“It is over-saturated right now but unfortunately there’s only so many people in Kingston and people are going to shop wherever’s convenient,” said Cavion.

In Kingston there are currently over 15 different cannabis stores.

Xavier Cyr is the manager at Inspired Cannabis in downtown Kingston, and he echoes Cavion’s observations.

“A lot of people saw the profits that were happening in the U.S., and wanted to jump on the bandwagon,” said Cyr.

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For both of these cannabis sellers, it

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