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Louisiana governor signs several bills bolstering medical marijuana program

Louisiana’s governor signed several bills over the past week that will bolster the state’s medical marijuana industry by allowing more dispensaries and enabling out-of-state residents to buy MMJ.

Among the MMJ measures signed by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards:


House Bill 697, which allows for the number of dispensaries – or pharmacies, as they’re called in Louisiana – to increase from nine to 30 over time. The option to expand rests with the existing medical marijuana dispensaries. But a new MMJ operator could apply to enter the market if an existing dispensary declined to open a second satellite location. House Bill 135, which allows dispensaries to sell medical cannabis to out-of-state residents who have a valid MMJ card from another state. The visitor also would need to sign a form attesting that he or she had a qualifying condition under Louisiana law. House Bill 190, which

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