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Man Puffs Marijuana In Court After Endorsing Legalization

Man Puffs Marijuana In Court
Man Puffs Marijuana In Court

As more states around the US keep legalizing marijuana, advocates of legalization in the remaining states keep landing in trouble. One such individual is a 20-year-old man who caused a stir in a Tennessee courthouse. The man ensured that he stated his case clearly after advocating for the legalization of marijuana. He proceeded to light a joint and puffs marijuana in court in front of the presiding judge. 

Spencer Alan Boston is that man who was appearing before Judge Haywood Barry on January 27. The hearing took place at the Wilson County Courthouse in Lebanon. Boston was charged on a simple possession-of-marijuana citation. 

According to a spokesman for the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Scott Moore, the man started to tell Judge Barry that cannabis should be legalized. The courtroom video captured what came next. Boston reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out what seems to be a joint. He then lights it up and takes several puffs.

Security intervened rapidly and took Boston into custody as he was trying to address those seated in the courtroom. Lt. Scott Moore said in a telephone interview that Boston said something that resembled “the people deserve better” before he was taken away. 

The spokesman said that he has been working at the courts for over 20years. Throughout that time, he confessed that he had never seen anything strange like that.

Boston now faces two charges. He will now be charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession of marijuana. According to the available online jail records, he is held on a $3,000 bond.

He will also be compelled to serve ten days in the Wilson County Jail since Judge Barry held him in contempt of the court. The joint that Boston smoked in court was also collected as evidence for the case of simple possession of marijuana.

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