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Marijuana retailer returns to roots in plant breeding and exclusive offerings

(This story appears in the March issue of MJBizMagazine.)

Matthew Huron, the CEO of Colorado-based Good Chemistry Nurseries, bred his first original strains as head cultivator for Elmar Lins Compassionate Care Co-op, a San Francisco Bay Area cooperative he founded in 2000, after his father and his father’s partner were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

He named the strains after people dear to him, such as Elmar, his father’s partner; Geraldine, his mother; and Dorothy, his grandmother.

After his father died in 2009, Huron moved to Colorado and soon launched Good Chemistry Nurseries, a vertically integrated cannabis business where he is CEO. Despite including “nurseries” in Good Chemistry’s name, Huron and his cultivation team only dabbled in breeding and propagating cannabis plants for many years. Most of their time was devoted to growing, processing and running the marijuana retail business. They also entered a second state, Massachusetts, in 2019.

It wasn’t until about

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