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Mendocino growers ask California to address county’s cannabis licensing

A trade association representing cannabis growers in California’s Mendocino County has asked the state government for an “urgent intervention” in the county’s licensing process, citing concerns that many farmers’ license applications won’t be processed by a July 1, 2023, deadline.

The Mendocino Cannabis Department and local government have failed to “establish a process capable of moving good-faith cannabis operators towards state annual licensure,” the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance (MCA) claims in a Feb. 8 letter to California Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Department of Cannabis Control Director Nicole Elliott.


The letter charges that by the July deadline, the Mendocino Cannabis Department (MCD) will have licensed only 256 “prioritized” marijuana operators in the county, “implying that nearly 70% of Mendocino’s 841 current operators have no path forward to remain in the legal market,” according to an accompanying news release.

“Further, among over 500 ‘deprioritized’ operators, MCA has found

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