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Michigan Officials Announce $290 Million In Marijuana Tax Revenue Funds For Cities, Schools And Transportation

Michigan officials announced they are distributing a new batch of more than $290 million in marijuana tax revenue to localities, public schools and a transportation fund.

The state Department of Treasury said on Thursday that 269 municipalities will be receiving $87 million, while education and transportation efforts will each get $101.6 million.

That represents another substantial increase in cannabis tax-funded disbursements that are required under the state’s adult-use legalization law. In 2022, Michigan distributed about $150 million total to the three funding buckets, for example.

The department said that 99 cities, 30 villages, 69 townships and 71 counties will be receiving payments from the Marihuana Regulation Fund over the comings days. Localities will get $59,000 for each cannabis retailer or microbusiness that operates within their jurisdiction.

“This week, many Michigan municipalities and counties will begin seeing their share of adult-use marijuana payments appear in their banking accounts,” State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks said in a press release.

“Through a partnership, the dollars received from the adult-use marijuana taxes and fees are distributed to our participating communities,” she said. “These dollars may be spent how our local units deem fit to their needs.”

Adult-Use Marijuana Payments Being Distributed to Michigan Municipalities

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