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Minnesota Is Forming A Psychedelics Task Force Under Bill Lawmakers Sent To Governor’s Desk

The Minnesota legislature has sent a large-scale health policy bill to the governor that contains provisions to create a psychedelics task force meant to prepare the state for possible legalization.

About one month after the House initially passed the omnibus legislation including language similar to a standalone psychedelics measure sponsored by Rep. Andy Smith (D), both chambers passed a bicamerally negotiated conference report on Monday that retains the provisions.

It first cleared the Senate in a 34-32 vote. The House followed suit later in the day, giving final approval in a 69-64 vote and sending it to the desk of Gov. Tim Walz (D).

For purposes of this bill, “psychedelic medicine” means 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), psilocybin, and LSD, which at the moment are the three psychedelic substances with the most research done on the them.

— Rep. Andy Smith (@AndySmithMN) May 22, 2023

Monday’s votes come just days after the legislature approved a bill to legalize marijuana, which Walz said that he’d sign next week after the Memorial Day holiday.

The new health legislation that’s on its way to becoming law would establish a Psychedelic Medicine Task Force that would be responsible for advising lawmakers on “the legal, medical, and

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