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Minnesota Marijuana Legalization Bill Clears Fifth Senate Committee, With Former Governor Delivering Impassioned Endorsement

A bill to legalize marijuana in Minnesota cleared its fifth Senate committee on Thursday—and it received an impassioned endorsement in testimony from the state’s celebrity former governor, Jesse Ventura.

The Senate Environment, Climate, and Legacy approved the legislation from Sen. Lindsey Port (D) in a 5-4 vote on Thursday. The measure is expected to go through 18 committees before potentially reaching the floor.

“Prohibition of cannabis is a failed system that has not achieved the desired goals and has incredible costs for communities, especially for communities of color,” Port said in opening remarks.

“We have an opportunity to start the process to undo some of the harm that has been done and to create a system of regulation that works for Minnesota consumers and businesses, while ensuring an opportunity in this new market for communities that have been most affected by prohibition,” she said. “Our main goals with this bill are to legalize, regulate and expunge, and we’re working to ensure that this legislation does just that.”

Ventura, a former wrestling star and longtime cannabis reform advocate, was among those who testified in favor of the reform. He was granted an extended window to speak as he described how, in

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