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Missouri Marijuana Sales Hit $126 Million In March, State Data Shows, With Market Expected To Reach $1 Billion By Year’s End

Missouri marijuana sales reached a record $126 million in marijuana sales in March, the second month since adult-use shops opened in the state after voters approved legalization at the ballot last November.

The $126.2 million comes from combined medical cannabis purchases ($32.7 million) and recreational sales ($93.5 million) in March. That’s a 22.4 percent increase over February’s cannabis sales total of $103 million.

Via Division of Cannabis Regulations.

At this rate, Missouri is positioned to reach $1 billion in collective cannabis sales before the end of the year, according to a projection by Greenway Magazine.

The cumulative sales total for the whole history of the medical marijuana program and the nascent recreational market is also nearing the separate milestone of $1 billion, as it currently sits at $871.4 million.

Missouri’s Division of Cannabis Regulations also said on Thursday that more than 14,000 direct jobs have been created in the marijuana sector as of March, according to the industry association MoCannTrade. Regulators have been regularly tracking jobs growth in the industry.

“Between record cannabis sales and local communities voting to embrace the economic benefits of adult use sales, Missouri couldn’t be better positioned to make a real and lasting impact on

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