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Missouri Voters Back Marijuana Legalization Ballot Initiative In New Poll, But Support Is Tightening A Week Before Election Day

With one week until the Election Day, Missouri activists still need to sway a small portion of voters to approve a marijuana legalization initiative that’s on the ballot, a new poll suggests.

The Emerson College/The Hill survey conducted for local TV news stations in the state found that 47 percent of very likely voters back the measure, compared to 39 percent who oppose it and 14 who remain undecided.

That represents a slight tightening since the same organizations ran a poll in late September and found 48 percent support the initiative. But in general, it signals that the chances of passage aren’t clear-cut—but are still clearly within the range of possibilities next week.

Support for Amendment 3 is strongest among Democrats, with 73 percent on board. A plurality of 47 percent of independents back the measure, but Republicans oppose it, 56 percent to 30 percent.

There is majority support among the youngest age demographics: 18-34 (69 percent) and 35-49 (64 percent). But that support tapers to a plurality (46 percent) for those 50-64 and a minority (38 percent) for people 65 and older.

“More voters have definitely become aware of Amendment 3,” Emerson College Polling Director of Survey Operations Isabel

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