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More Californians Now Say Marijuana Legalization Has ‘Positive’ Impacts Than Voted For It On The 2016 Ballot, State-Commissioned Poll Finds

A new poll commissioned by California marijuana regulators finds that 62 percent of adults believe the state’s legalization law is having a “positive” impact—an even greater percentage than actually voted to enact the reform on the ballot a little more than seven years ago.

As part of a new “Real California Cannabis” campaign, the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) sponsored the survey from FM3 Research that was released on Monday.

The fact that 62 percent of respondents consider legalization effective is notable given that a lower percentage (57 percent) voted in favor of the adult-use cannabis legalization initiative at the ballot in November 2016.

The poll also showed that 86 percent of adults consider it important to shop for marijuana at legal retailers as opposed to in the unregulated market, a key objective for officials as the state works to combat illicit sales.

Another 72 percent of respondents said that consumers hold some responsibility to seek out licensed cannabis shops for their products.

But because individual jurisdictions are able to opt out of allowing marijuana businesses, that’s not always simple. And the poll also found that 85 percent of people who live in an opt-out area either mistakenly believed retailers

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