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New Hampshire House Votes To Legalize Marijuana With No Regulations Or Limitations

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has approved another bill to legalize marijuana in the state—except this one contains no regulations or limitations on cannabis.

About a month after the House passed a comprehensive legalization, taxation and regulation measure that’s being sponsored by bipartisan leaders, members on Thursday took up the simpler legislation to remove marijuana from the state’s listed of banned substances.

The chamber first voted, 210-160, to overrule the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, which had deemed the measure from from Kevin Verville (R) “inexpedient to legislate” last month. Members then approved the bill in a voice vote, sending it to the Senate.

Verville said ahead of the vote that, over his years in office, he’s come to learn that the legislature likes “simple” and “short” bills.

“When bills get complicated and they get long and they get confused, people vote against them,” he said. “This is the shortest, easiest way to affect the change that the majority of our constituents want—and that is the legalization of cannabis.”

Rep. Jodi Newell (D) recognized that lawmakers “have multiple bills attempting to legalize cannabis” this session.

“We’ve been at this for years and still struggling

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