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New York’s Cannabis Retail Dispensary Regulations, Part 4: Advertising and Branding Your Dispensary and Products

Welcome to Part 4 in our series on New York’s Cannabis Retail Dispensary Regulations. For prior posts in this series, check out the following:

The Regulations

As many readers will recall, on October 28, 2022, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) released its “Guidance for Adult-Use Dispensaries” (the “Regulations”). The Regulations are promulgated to provide guidance for Conditional Adult-Use Retails Dispensary (CAURD) licensees and applicants.  Today, we wanted to give you a rundown on the how a Licensee’s products and dispensary can be advertised, branded, and packaged in accordance with the Regulations.

The information contained in the Regulations is a mix of substantive requirements, operational guidance, and insight into the OCM’s plans for the issuance of licenses and operation of New York’s cannabis industry.  As part of our series explaining and detailing the Regulations, this post is to provide licensees with guidance on the best practices for training employees working at your retail dispensary.  Of course, this post cannot go into each and every detail of the Regulations, however, this post should serve as a basis for your knowledge going forward and as usual, we encourage you to review the Regulations and consult with an attorney.

Dispensary name

Licensees may

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