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North Dakota House Approves Resolution Encouraging People To Buy American Flags Made Of Hemp

The North Dakota House of Representatives approved a resolution on Monday that encourages residents to buy U.S. flags that are made out of hemp and manufactured in the state.

The concurrent resolution, which is being sponsored by five House members and three senators, cleared the full chamber in a voice vote. This comes days after the House Agriculture Committee advanced the measure.

“House Concurrent Resolution 3004 was, with all respect, run up the flagpole” in committee, Rep. Bill Tveit (R) punned on the floor before reading through the text.

The “whereas” section of the legislation, which now heads to the Senate, says that “historians assert the first United States flags were made from hemp,” and the crop is both stronger than cotton and “fades less than other fabrics.”

“North Dakota citizens should demonstrate their patriotism by supporting local businesses in our state which manufacture United States flags made out of durable materials, such as hemp,” it continues.

The resolution wouldn’t require flags to be made out of hemp, but if it’s ultimately enacted, the legislature would be formally encouraging residents purchase flags produced from the cannabis crop.

During its committee hearing last week, bill sponsor Rep. David Monson (R) took a question

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