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Ohio GOP Senate President Lays Out Process To Revise Marijuana Law, Arguing Voters Didn’t Understand Some Provisions

Ohio’s Senate president says he is working with bipartisan lawmakers in both chambers to quickly develop and pass legislation to revise the state’s voter-approved marijuana legalization law before key provisions take effect next month, arguing that it’s what “the public generally wants” because voters likely didn’t think through the specifics of the reform they authorized.

While the cannabis initiative passed with 57 percent support at the ballot this month, Senate President Matt Huffman (R) says most voters only had a superficial understanding of the measure, simply deciding “are we going to legalize marijuana or not.”

“Now did the voters, for example, know that there was going to be a preference for licenses to people that have formerly been convicted for selling drugs illegally? Probably not very many people thought of that,” he said in an episode of his “President’s Podcast” that was posted on Friday. “It’s important for the folks to go through here and look to see what changes are going to be made, which we think the public generally wants.”

Americans don’t want lawmakers to infringe on their civil liberties, he said. But they “also want the protections of government, and that’s really the fine line that governments

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